The mission of the project is to educate the community of women to be a real community and to make them responsible and empowered in terms of prevention of sexually transmitted infections. 


PE ATYE KENA -"No longer alone", is a community-based project based on a composite model of HIV prevention strategy among women living in the area of the Comboni Samaritans Health Center by : 

1. the offer of rapid HIV, syphilis, HBV test, clinical/gynecologic exam 

2. Community-based peer education of women on reduction of risky behaviors 

3. Local personnel education on how to implement composite HIV prevention strategies 


We expect to: 

- identify specific critical issues among women regarding barriers to HIV prevention before the intervention, 

- increase of HIV test uptake among women living in the area 

- reduce risky behaviors over the project period. 

- Increase awareness of safer sexual partnerships 

- Reduce the number of new cases of HIV and other STI compared to the period before intervention 


The planned activities are: 

* Baseline and periodical interviews to women on barriers to HIV prevention 

* Periodical screening for HIV, syphilis, HBV 

* Periodical clinical/gynecologic evaluation and cervical cancer screening. 

* Training meetings with local healthcare workers of the Comboni Samaritans Health Center 

and with women living in the community on the following issues: 

i. Critical issues on HIV prevention among women of the local community 

ii. Identification of sexual risky behaviors 

iii. Culture of responsible sexuality 

iv. Knowledge on behavioral and drug-based strategies (PEP, PREP, TaSP) for HIV prevention 


- Give to women a financial support and build up and training them to a financial plan within the contest of a microcredit project 


-Training meeting involving a subgroup of enrolled women selected to be expert in order to spread education on prevention in the community 

- Building up of divulgative material on prevention, reduction of risky behaviors 

a. Prevention slide kit/brochure for healthcare workers and for women 

b. Cartoons to be shown in the common rooms of the center 


- To implement the concept of responsible sexuality 

- To give to the Center instruments for early management of HIV infection and rapid referral to treatment centers.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.